Wednesday, June 27, 2012

J'aime Paris. And Crepes and boulangeries, and it's beautiful men....

"Je vois le vie en rose." Literally translated: "I see life in pink," what it means: "life is wonderful." And after visiting the city of lights, I can clearly understand how in Paris, life really is wonderful. However, not everything started out quite as nice! I took a train to Geneva and from there caught a flight to Paris. I 100% advise, NOT TO DO THIS! First off, I wasted much more time than I would have if I had just taken the 50 CHF more expensive, 3 hour train straight to Paris. Also, avoid at all costs flying into Paris late at night. Beware, most flights are usually delayed! And if they're not, your luggage surely will be! To say the least, I had no way out of the good ol' Orly. I've also found out that German is a pointless language in France. (Along with any other language besides, well, French. Told to me in a very thick accent by a Frenchman on the train.)

Luckily, my Italian friend, Fabrizio saved the day (and possibly my life) and came and picked me up. Next stop, find Erica! My other friend who was meeting us there at a station. Poor girl thought we had abandoned her. Shout out to Erica Rascon!! I know you're probably reading this ;) 

Then off to bed we went. The next couple of days we just visited as much as we could. And all I can say is that if anyone happens to be reading this who is French and interested in a green card want to get married? I'm interested in a Frenchie card.

The highlights of my trip were just wandering around the city, almost getting robbed (by a REAL Gypsy!), and understanding parts of a conversation in French where the men happened to be talking about my friend and I. 

So as I was walking along just enjoying the views, WHOA! All of a sudden this woman bends down in front of me and 'pretends' to pick up a ring. I swear, it was not there a minute earlier. "Quelle chance!" - she exclaimed while showing off a set of gold teeth. "ooh!! cool! good for you!"- I replied and continued to walk.  Scuttle scutttle... "do you think it's real gold? Look!"- while trying to make me hold it. "Yeah maybe! Cool! Good for you! That's awesome!"- and continue to walk on noticing her intense eye contact... "Hallo! Wait! It's for you!! It's your lucky day!"-- literally holding it out for me. Didn't take the bait. I'm pretty sure that the minute she had my hands and mind occupied elsewhere while keeping that intense eye contact ope! There would have gone my wallet. Dangit though! I wish I could have gotten a picture! She was intense looking.

Witnessed police officer giving a scolding to these three girls who had apparently just stolen something  from some unsuspecting tourist.
The second experience was while Erica and I were riding the train into Paris and these two middle aged (late 30's, 40's) gentlemen asked to sit next to us and were asking us something else in French and then ooH! It dawned on one, "Parlez-vous francais?" "Non, desolee!" So then they started speaking to us in English and they were really quite funny. But then again, I've found out that most French people are in their own sarcastic  jingoistic way. They began to speak French again and I could pick out just simple things in their conversation such as, "J'adore, Je t'aime, enchante!!" And I had a feeling that they were talking about us. I was curious about a pronunciation in French so when there was a quite moment, I turned to the one next to me and said, "Excusez-moi, j'ai un question." Pretty sure both of their jaws dropped as they began to rapidly exclaim in French something along the lines of, "what! You spoke french this whole time and you just let us talk like this!! Blah blah etc." Hahah... so they were talking about us...

Speaking of trains... spotted this lovely on the way to the city!
Other than that, please to every tourist in Paris, know what it is you are seeing. It was ridiculous to see the hoards of rude tourists having no idea what it was they were taking  pictures of, imitating, and pretending to hold it up etc. A picture is only a picture and why do we take these? Not to prove to ourselves and brag to our friends that we were once in another country with something famous. These things are famous for reason so first off, know why. Second, appreciate it! And be kind enough to let other people appreciate it. Jeez the poor Louvre guards. 
The other side looks exactly the same.
Montmatre. Mass has been going on her for over 100 years now.
Best. Nothing can compare!!
Watched to football games (soccer for us Americans.) They get so into it!!!
Genuine Parisien experience.
In the Jardins du Luxumbourg
Just from one of the shops while I was walking along the Seine.
Um.. France? What are you trying to prove here?

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